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We receive many requests for a catalog and for information on our products. Please allow us to answer most common questions.

Q1: Are there any problems with the glass inside? Having steam or going foggy? As this will be a real problem .

A: Usually, we use 5mm+6A+5mm double glass, you can take easy. Our double glass is made professionally,

     no steam or going foggy between the double glass.

Q2: All these doors and windows come with frames to mount on walls?

A: Yes, all the doors & windows include frames. Installing the windows and doors on wall is OK.

Q3: The glass is broken with no reason, I’m afraid the rest will be broken.

A: The glass would be broken only because suffering from the impact force, but it won’t break itself.

Q4: Can I use 6mm single glass instead of 5mm double glass?

 A: It is better to use 5mm double glass, because :

1. Sliding door looks ugly with single glass. There is a wide space for glass, if you use single glass, we will fill so much silicon in it.

2. 5mm double glass is safer than 6mm single glass.

3. 5mm double glass is more soundproof than 6mm single glass.

Q5: Can you use rubber instead of glass silicon?

 A: Yes, but it just can be one side, the other side has to be glass silicon. Because it is not strong enough to use double rubber. And it is  easier to fall off than the glass silicon.

Q6: Do you know what is U-value?

A: Yes, it simply means that every degree of temperature difference between a hotter air space and a colder air space, the heat energy will transfer per sq.m to the colder air space. For example, let say your house has a ceiling area of 100sqm, the difference in temp is 30deg, and the amount of watts you pay for consume is 6000w. Then the U-value is 6000w/100m * 30k=2w/(m *k).

Q7: PVC and aluminum, which is better?

A: It’s hard to simply say one is better. Each one has its advantages. PVC is good at insulation and more economic. Aluminum is better in hardness and security.

Q8:How can I get sample?
Sample is for free and delivered by courier.Sample freight charges paid by customer.

Q9:How do I order?

A: 1. You can order in our website:
     a. Choose your interested goods, write down the model number;
     b. Click on “contact us”, fill in the customer info and submit;
     c. We will sign a “Order Conformation”, send you a scan original copy by e-mail.

    2. If special design, please email us for price and order information without hesitation.

Q10:Payment Term:
A: TT  or  L/C at sight.

Q11:.How do you start the order?
A: We will start your order after receiving the down payment which is 30% of total payment. When order finished, we will email you the digital photo for your confirmation. We will send the goods to you after receiving the balance payment.
If the order is urgent, you’d better pay 100% in advance.