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What Is The Difference Between Double Hung and Casement Windows?

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What Is The Difference Between Double Hung and Casement Windows?

Choosing the right windows for your home is a hard job. Tons of things depend on your decision such as quality of insulation, energy efficiency, soundproofing, and UV damage. A better window means fewer worries and money for repairs.

When it comes down to comparisons and deciding what kind of windows are best for your home, everything involves personal preferences. If you got stuck between double-hung and casement, read this short guide that will answer all of your questions:

The Basics

Before we get deeper into this comparison, we must get through window basics. Shopping for new windows and doors means educating yourself and learning tons of new things about style, efficiency ratings, and materials.

The process should go something like this: consulting with professionals, getting educated on energy efficiency, choosing framing material, and finally – choosing your ideal style.

Tips On Material

The materials available for framing are wood, aluminum, vinyl, and fiberglass. Each has its pros and cons. Wood is amazing for aesthetics but is vulnerable to rot and pesticide. Aluminum is the cheapest, but it lasts an amazingly short time. Fiberglass and vinyl are the most resistant, however, they have certain stylistic limitations.

Make sure to choose the best framing material for your home. The decision you make should depend on the climate you live in, the maintenance you are willing to give in, and your budget of course.

About Style

Contrary to framing material, the style options on the market vary and are not as limited. You can even order a customized style that can fully satisfy your needs as a homeowner. Remember that each style (also known as type) is suitable for different environments.

For instance, awning windows are ideal for bathrooms. Because of their opening angle and practical size, this type allows maximum ventilation without disrupting the interior space. Another example is bay windows which are highly recommended for living rooms without sufficient amounts of natural light.

Wondering about double-hung and casement? Read below to learn more about the 2 most popular window styles that are currently on the market!


Commonly found in kitchens, casement windows are ideal for improving ventilation in a room. Because they are also very easy to open, these windows are found in other hard-to-reach areas.

Casements function similarly to doors. With the help of a tight cranking system, they open outward. However, practicality isn’t their only advantage. Compared to a double-hung that is filled with check rails, a casement window will offer completely undisrupted views.

Because of its tight seals, this window style is known for its high energy efficiency. If manufactured and installed properly, rest assured that your casements will make the cold winter days feel a thousand times warmer.

Double Hung

Specifically recommended for homes with traditional looks, double-hung windows are excellent for a little aesthetical boost. Even though they have check rails, they still offer other amazing benefits.

But, homeowners mostly purchase them for practical reasons. Double-hung windows are child-friendly and have all types of tricks under their sleeves. They can be opened from the bottom as well as from the top. This makes them superior to their predecessors: single-hung.

This window type also offers one amazing perk: tilting-in. This means that a double-hung can fully bend to catch a horizontal angle. With this feature, cleaning the window glass will become a much easier task, almost interesting and enjoyable.

What To Choose?

Evidently, both types have their own benefits. This is why the decision mainly depends on your personal preferences. The advantages which casements have over double-hung and vice versa are many. Here is what you should know:

Double-hung will last longer because its mechanism comprises fewer parts

Double-hung is also more resistant to wind and storms than casement

Casement windows can cause a lot of head bumps and therefore, shouldn’t be placed on ground floors

Double-hung are ideal for traditional homes whereas casements work perfectly in modern ones

Their price is different with double-hung being the less expensive one

Energy efficiency rates vary with casements having the lead

Double-hung can have difficulties with their sashes where the bottom window refuses to stay open